Applying for a place

Applying for a place in St Oliver Plunkett National School

Children are admitted to St Oliver Plunkett NS following an educational psychological assessment. Applications are made by the psychologist, the school or the parent/guardian of the child.

Enrolment is strictly adhered to as detailed in the enrolment policy. At the moment we have more candidates for enrolment than places.

The child must

  • Be aged between 8-12
  • Have a specific reading difficulty
  • Have average/above average intelligence

Children are enrolled for no longer than 2 years on a full time basis.  The need for continued enrolment will be reviewed towards the end of their first year.

All children have difficulty in the areas of Literacy and many have difficulty in the areas of Mathematics and/or Speech and Language.

Applying for a place is quite simple. You simply send a COPY of your child’s Educational Psychological report to:

Angela Power (Principal)
St Oliver Plunkett National School
Alma Place
Carrickbrennan Road
Co. Dublin

Please remember to include all contact details with your child’s report. It will also help us if you can send the name of the school your child is in, the Principal’s name and contact details.

We cannot, unfortunately, facilitate visits to the school before a child is enrolled here.

Mrs. Rhona Porter (SNA)

Mrs. Porter has been part of our school team for seventeen years. She contributes both as an SNA and as an art teacher in after school activities. Rhona values her role and is enthusiastic in supporting the pupils in her care. She likes to help the pupils feel cared for, and feel that they really belong.

Mrs. Jan McElheron (SNA)

Jan joined the staff of St. Oliver Plunkett in 2002. She trained as an SNA at Carysfort College, Blackrock and went on to do extra courses in Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, First Aid, ADHD and Behavioural Issues.
Jan greatly values her role in supporting the pupils in her care to achieve their potential in a safe and caring environment. She is also a huge fan of our artist of the month presentations!