Parent/Guardian-Teacher Communication

As part of the ethos of St Oliver Plunkett NS, parent/guardian are encouraged to remain in regular contact with the school. They are encouraged to ring to make an appointment with the class teacher and are especially encouraged to relate any information which may impact on their child’s welfare. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be communicated on a need-to-know basis.

Parents/guardians will also be contacted through the Aladdin texting system. Each child is issued with a homework journal, which must be signed by an adult each night upon completion of homework.  The journals are checked every day, so any notes to teacher and (vice versa) may be written here. Parent/guardian communication is central to the success of a placement here.

Parent/guardian/Teacher Meetings

The staff and parent/guardian meetings take place three times a year (October, January & June). The entire staff meet with parent/guardians in September. Various parent/guardian information evenings are held during the year.

Report Card

Each Monday your child will bring home a weekly record card. The aim of this card is to encourage positive choices in behaviour, school work and homework. There are 4 headings which are completed daily by the child’s teacher to highlight the progress or problems in that particular week. The children also have an opportunity to reflect on their own week and record it on the card.


Day Home-work School work Behaviour Comments
Mon – Fri If homework has been done, if they forgot to do some home work or didn’t do it at all. If they worked well or were not interested. Behaved themselves in school and on yard.

Teacher’s comments regarding their behaviour/ progress



Children choose one


This card is signed by the class teacher and must be returned signed by the child’s parent/guardians. These cards are retained in the school as a record for each child. It is school philosophy that pupils are helped to make good choices each day. Children earn rewards for positive behaviours, good work and effort.


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