Artist of the Month – Henri Matisse

We looked at Henri Matisse for our Artist of the Month in May. Everyone worked together on the “Tree of Life” and we worked individually on replicating our own paintings and on a variation of “Painting with Scissors”. We presented our work to the school in a gathering on the 18th of May and everyone was very impressed. We were delighted.


Beautiful butterflies

We have exciting news!! Our butterflies have hatched. We have been learning about the lifecycle of the butterfly with Room 1. Our caterpillars arrived to the school on the 12th of May and Rooms 1 and 2 each minded some of the caterpillars in their rooms. They were in a container first of all with some nutrients and once we were sure they had made their cocoon we transported them into the butterfly nets. We waited another two weeks or so and then when we came back after the June Bank Holiday weekend we had butterflies waiting for us. Ms. Mooney gave us 7up to feed them and some of the girls got fresh leaves with Ms. Glenfield to put in the habitat. We had so much fun learning about our butterflies and watched the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle as well as writing about the lifecycle, drawing the different stages, making butterfly mosaics, hanging decorations and writing acrostic poems on “Butterflies”.