My name is Mr. Flood. I am relatively new to the school as I only joined in September 2022 with the intention of only subbing for a couple of days but ended up loving working here so much that I decided to stay permanently. As well as being the teacher in Room 2, I am also the IT coordinator for the school and one of the assistant principals. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a postgraduate diploma in Primary Teaching. I have been teaching since 2011 and am passionate about building up children’s confidence and getting them to realise their true potential. As well as teaching, I also facilitate summer courses for the PDST that help embed technology in the primary classroom.  Aside from educational technology, my other key areas of interest are wellbeing, drama and maths. I am also a very proud father and a keen sea dipper.

Mrs. Porter is the SNA in room 2 this year. Rhona has been part of our school team for 18 years. She contributes both as an SNA and as an art teacher in after school activities. Rhona values her role and is enthusiastic in supporting the pupils in her care. She likes to help the pupils feel cared for, and feel that they really belong.