My name is Mr. Flood. I am relatively new to the school as I only joined in September 2022 with the intention of only subbing for a couple of days but ended up loving working here so much that I decided to stay permanently. As well as being the teacher in Room 2, I am also the IT coordinator for the school and one of the assistant principals. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a postgraduate diploma in Primary Teaching. I have been teaching since 2011 and am passionate about building up children’s confidence and getting them to realise their true potential. As well as teaching, I also facilitate summer courses for the PDST that help embed technology in the primary classroom.  Aside from educational technology, my other key areas of interest are wellbeing, drama and maths. I am also a very proud father and a keen sea dipper.

Hi, my name is Anne Molloy.  I have worked as an SNA since 2005.  Throughout the years I have been privileged to support children from Junior Infants to Leaving Certificate.  Over the years, I have upskilled in many areas, including DCD/Dyspraxia, reading programmes and positive psychology, to name but a few.  In 2022, I graduated from UCD with a Certificate in Inclusive School Support.  I love to focus on children’s individuality and discovering their innate strengths, encouraging confidence and independence.  I have a particular interest in emotional wellbeing as I believe that a relaxed child will find it much easier to engage in both the learning and fun aspects of school life. 

Ms Molloy works in both room 2 and room 3