“I had to go to St Oliver Plunkett NS. At first I was scared, but I soon made friends. The school is very welcoming and I am glad I got into it. We go on lots of school trips. I have made more friends here that in any of the other places I have been. I know that I have improved and I am happy that I went here. I feel great now that I can read.”

Ruth Stewart.

“I have been meaning to write a letter for a number of years now to thank you for all of the help that you gave me. I now realise that the year I spent with you quite literally turned my life around. I have no idea where I would be today if I had not been lucky enough to get a place in your school. I have just been offered my dream job to work as a researcher in Madagascar.”

Sinead Naidi Mc Donnell

“I went to the bookshop…. I got them a couple of books each and I left them on their beds for when they got home. They thanked me but really those thanks were for you, and those wonderful teachers, who have given my son and daughter the keys to the written word. Thank you.” 

Paul Ring

“When I entered the school I could barely read or write. Leaving the school, my reading and writing were above average and I had a love of reading. Those two years changed my life. Now, I have just received my English results and I have come first in my year. My first choice in college, for next year, is History and Political Science in TCD.”

Luan Beirne

“We were so proud of Paddy’s Christmas report that I just had to send you a copy! It is all down to you and your fabulous team.”

Terry Fitzpatrick

“I am writing to express my admiration and respect to you and the entire staff for the wonderful school that you all run. It was a pleasure to attend the play yesterday and to see the community spirit and happiness that is so obviously present among you all.”  

Mark Kiersey

“We took this photo at his graduation and I thought of the great work you all do with the children. You all helped him to have the ability to choose whatever he wanted to be. I want to thank you all again and wish you well as you help others to reach their potential.”

Linda Barrington.