“I did not know how to read until I came to this school. Now, I love reading. It’s so fun now when I’m bored, I just find a book and sit down and read.”             

JAMIE, 2019

“This school is amazing because it teaches you to overcome dyslexia.”

CONOR, 2019

“I think that St Oliver Plunkett is the best, best school because it has helped me so much. “
HUGO, 2019  


“They have helped me so much in my homework and my spellings and my independent work.”

LEAH, 2019

“The school is wonderful because the teachers are so helpful to us. In my old school it was so hard to read, write and spell.”

JADE, 2019

“I think it is the best school in the world. The teachers are very, very nice.”

GRACE, 2019

“It is the best school in the whole wild world and I just want to say thank you from my Mam and my Dad.”     


“It is a big opportunity to come here. The teachers are all nice and very polite to us. The principal has time for us.”


“It is the best school in the world because there is a playground, a place where we can play football and a quiet area where we can sit and think about things.”

JACK, 2019.

“I love everything in this school, the teachers, the principal and my friends. I am very thankful.”

LILY, 2019

“I am glad I came to St Oliver Plunkett because I got better at reading and I made loads of friends.”

LUCA, 2019

“It helped me get over my frustration.”

MAX, 2019

“It has made me so much more confident with my dyslexia.”

AILBHE, 2019

“In St Oliver Plunkett, learning is fun.”

OSCAR, 2019

“I am spelling words I never thought I could spell and I love doing reading.”

ELIJAH, 2019