About Us

Mission Statement

  • We seek to assist all children to reach their full potential by creating a warm, caring, inclusive, yet highly structured, environment in which each child is treated as a unique individual with their own special talents.
  • We seek to improve the literacy levels of each child in the areas of reading accuracy, reading comprehension, spelling and writing to enable them to be better equipped to cope with the demands of mainstream education.
  • We endeavour to ensure that each child, and each member of staff, will have the opportunity to grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally while a member of our school community.


General School Information

St Oliver Plunkett N.S. was established in 1975. It is one of four special reading schools in the Irish Republic which caters exclusively for children with Specific Reading Difficulties, including Dyslexia. It is under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin.

The objective of St Oliver Plunkett N.S. is to provide a temporary, full time, special education setting for children with a specific learning difficulty.  Children work intensively here for a period of up to two years after which they return to mainstream education.

 St Oliver Plunkett NS is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin but we welcome children of all religions and none.



We love to hear from our past pupils and receive many emails and letters from them. Here are a few Read me→


Fun Stuff

We do a lot of fun things in St. Oliver Plunkett NS. We have many fun days, such as our annual charity day, Halloween party, World Book Day, outings to see famous authors and illustrators and other educational tours…..the list goes on!

Fun pics → 

Interesting Visits

It’s not unusual to see a celeb in our school from time to time! We have been visited by authors such as Roddy Doyle and Marita Conlon-McKenna and TV and radio personality and children’s book enthusiast Ryan Tubridy, to name a few!

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