Most of the children come from the South Dublin/Wicklow area. The Department of Education provides transport for all of the children and a transport grant for those children who have to travel a long distance to access the school bus. The school is not in any way responsible for the school buses but will facilitate parents to apply for a place and will also assist in the selection of embarkation points. Disputes with the bus companies cannot be negotiated through the school.

 A booklet entitled “School Transport for Children with Special Needs” issued by the Department of Education sets out information options. TheDepartment of Education provides the following transport options to and from the school for pupils:

(A)  A travel ticket for Dublin Bus or DART for pupils using public transport.

(B)  Private Coach transport via already established routes (three coaches currently operate from the Rathfarnham, Bray and Arklow directions) Application is made through the school and is organised during your visit to the school to enrol your child.

Children are not allowed to use the school bus to visit friends unless they are already a passenger on that bus.